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Spy Car Charger USB Bug

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Product Code:147

This GSM SPY Device for inspection DEFINITELY can help you get all the answers/FACTS SECRECTLY!
Easy to use
Just Insert a GSM SIM card into the slot and put the audio bug at hidden place,then dial the card number to monitor your target,you will hear the sound arround the bug.(5-15m range)
Insert the sim card to the slot, a red light flashes for one second, it means the device is ready, put the device in a hidden place which you want to surveillance the surroundings, just dial the sim card no., you can hear the voice around around the bug (5-10m).

Feature : :

  • MODEL:Car charger GSM
  • Quad Frequency: 850/900/1800 /1900MHz (attention:only works with GSM card ,cannot be worked with CDMA card and 3G )
  • Embed microphone, powerful sound receiving effect
  • Sound activated,(it will call you back when there is a sound)
  • Power input: AC100~250V 50/60Hz
  • Power Output: DC 5V, 400-500mA
  • Microphone range: 5-10 meters
  • 24 hours non-stop power supply.
  • All GSM SIM card compatible
  • Voice activate function on :Stand-by time:3-5 days
  • Voice activate function off :Stand-by time:12-15 days
  • Dimension: 5.3 x 3.8 x 1.7 cm
  • Weight: 40g (Package 160g)
  • Attention : Input : AC110-220V
  • USB out put :6V+- 0.3V 500 mA
Compatible for your mp3 mp4 mp5 player,ipad ,cell phone ,iphone, computer
Package include: 1 x Car Charger GSM Device
1 X User Manual