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Product Code:004

GSM AUDIO SURVEILLANCE SPY SIM CONVERSION LISTNER GSM Audio surveillance Spy sim converstion listner 380 hours stand-by time, or 18 hrs continuous surveillance.LIFETIME WARRANTY MADE IN JAPAN simple GSM listening device. The smallest available today. Insert a sim card of your choice, call the sim card number and an amplified microphone will allow you to listen to the surroundings.


  • This is the ultimate in remote audio surveillance. Unlike conventional radio transmittors, GSM offers superb quality, virtually unlimited transmission distance, high security, dependability and absolute simplicity of use. An office conversation in MUMBAI can be heard clearly in AMERICA.
  • To monitor, you simply have to dial the phone number on the anonymous SIM card we provide you with, and the GSM DEVICE will connect automatically and silently transmit excellent quality sound from the surrounding area. 100% LEGAL IMEI NUMBER
    • Specification :
      • Dimensions : 68mm x 39mm x 18mm
      • SIM Card slots - work with all GSM sim card
      • Microphone range : 10 meters (radius)
      • Power input: AC100~250V 50/60Hz
      • Power Output: DC 5V, 400-500mA
      • No distance limited, user can listening everytime everywhere
      You can hear this Sim Card Spy Ear from anywhere, and just dial in to this Sim Card
      Easy to install, and zero configuration
      Work with gsm bands (800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz)
      Accessories :
      • Stand-by time: 10 days
      • Easy to set-up
      • Control by any phones / mobile phones
      • Built-in rechargeable battery
      • You can hear this Sim Card Spy Ear from anywhere, and just dial in to this Sim Card's
      • Easy to install, and no configuration (just put phone card in)