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Spy Landline Telephone Recorder

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Product Code:101

Recorder is brand new Jiebang products, inherit high quailty and good performance of other Jiebang recorders. It records independent, works without PC. Saves all recording data into a SD card. Automatically recording telephone calls, easy management, play histroy recording files anytime. JB-SD101 can apply to a large range of industries, company telephone calls management,small & middle scale call center, personal telephone call records etc.

Spy Landline Telephone Recorder:

It has a motion detector so it can be set to record only when there is motion with a pre-motion trigger which will save the three seconds before the motion started and the three seconds after the motion has stopped.


  • Automatical reocrding
  • Play history records during a call, both sides listen the records.
  • LCD screen. Simple user interface, simple operation.
  • Multi storage media: SD/miniSD/TF,16G Maximum Memory.
  • Play mp3 format recording files.
  • High compression, 1G memory records 35 hour.
  • Recording folder named by Date, Sequence in time, easy for search.
  • 3.5mm earphone jack. Listen recording file freely.


  • Large memory. No capacity concerns.
  • High quailty recording. Listen recording files clearly.
  • User friendly. Ordinary user can operate without having to learn.
  • Name recording folder by date, name recording file by time.(a call start from 2012-3-7 20:10:34 saves in '20120307'folder, named '201034').Easy for recording history management and search.
  • Automatical override, when recording files exceeds capacity. Latest recording file covers earliest record.
  • Play history records during a call, both sides listen the records.
  • 3.5mm earphone jack. Listen through earphone avoid disclosure of privacy.
  • Recording automatically and independency. Saves all data in SD card. Recording datas can also be copied to PC for storage and play.
  • Auto mode & manual mode. Both mode are transparent, without detection. Default mode is auto mode.