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Universal Mobile Phone Battery Charger

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Product Code:021

This necktie spycam is able to record 1280*960 video in AVI format. It has 4GB internal memory, which is able to Records up to 2 hours per recharge. Users can use the bundled remote control to turn the camera on and off.


Charger DVR with built in Micro camera for your home or office surveillance when you are not there. it records everything what you missed while you are away. Built in Digital Audio Video recorder will give you all the evidence you need to prove in the court in case some one came to your home or office for bad purpose. Specification:

  • Video format : 1280 960 (AVI 30/fps)
  • network camera : Yes
  • Low illumination : 1LUX
  • View Angle : 60 degrees
  • support to Micro-SD1GB-16GB
A great product to perform personal investigation, conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important for you. Built in lion lithium battery gives you the power when it is not connected with the wall socket but built in battery still can record up to 3 hours of audio video in it... sure you need to charge it when built in battery is run out the power.
Included This Package
  • 180 minutes of continuous recording
  • It can recording while charging
  • All cell phone battery charger